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Coaching Testimonials

Ian Lynch, Kent UK…
“My 6 sessions with you Kate have been way more than I expected, much more powerful and helped me immensely through a period of great challenge and change. You truly listened to me and flowed with what was happening in my life, to help give me the confidence to share and voice topics that were intimate as well as practical, and thus gain clarity of what I need to do. I felt complete trust in you.

I highly recommend Kate to anyone who wishes to achieve more in their life, gain clarity, make choices and experience more happiness and fulfillment."

Christina, Dorset UK…
“Kate supported, encouraged and inspired me to stay focused on my goals. I overcame a very challenging long term health problem with her support and succeeded in moving forward in many areas of my life”

Mike, Sussex UK...

I have had six sessions with Kate, plus the free discovery hour. I know Kate from Biodanza and I think I did the coaching with her because I like her and wanted to support her. It can’t do any harm, I thought, but I don’t really need it. My life is pretty good.

Well it just got ten times better!

I find it hard to say what is so good about it, or how it works. I don’t know how it works. But to be attentively listened to for a whole hour each week is totally amazing. Nobody listens like that in real life. Even your best friend will only manage a few minutes, if you’re lucky. And then they’ve got an opinion which you probably don’t want. With Shanti you talk, and she tells you what you said. Trying to describe this isn’t as good as doing it. I think I need to give a concrete example.

During one of the sessions I talked about my divorce. In particular that my soon to be ex wife wanted me to pay her solicitor’s fees. Her solicitor who had attempted to extort money from me. I had already paid my half. At the start of the session I was full of self-righteous certainty that would not pay another penny. In the course of the session a couple of things became clear. 1: I wanted the divorce to be completed. 2: I could afford to pay. Shanti didn’t tell me I was being an idiot. She didn’t have to. She didn’t even say ‘Have you listened to yourself?’, though that is exactly what happened. To get what I wanted I had to stop being ‘right’. Magic.

That is an obvious example. Other parts were pretty obvious too, more or less being asked what I wanted to achieve, and how I was going to achieve it, and being monitored the following week on my achievements.

I would absolutely recommend this. I recommend it for what it is not – it is not therapy, it is not counselling. It relies on the fact that this is my life and I know what I want and need. It is absolutely straightforward and ordinary. 
And as in so many things that are ordinary, there is magic in it."

Mark, London UK...

"Kate has a beautiful energy of authenticity, integrity, warmth. Her inspiration + intuition will guide you on a wonderful journey of transformation. Her coaching work is highly recommended!!"

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